1972 Chinook Motorhome (Class A) 

The unit runs well and is very useable        $5975    OBO  VIN# M39BN25501020 

                                                                               date last edited     11/10/2005 08:20:34 PM

This Chinook Motorhome is ready to travel.  Drives good.  White with green stripes.  440 engine, automatic transmission, power steering, am/fm radio, 2 roof air conditioners, (engine air needs recharging), 2 new front tires, sink, refrigerator, shower, toilet, storage cabinets & drawers, large table makes into bed. Can sleep 4 people.  No bad smells.  No major body or frame damage. Outside great but you get to wax and polish.  Upholstery is in fair condition.  Stove has been removed, use a portable camp (propane) stove.  We have done some of the restoration but more is needed to get it back to original.  New (factory original) rear view mirrors are in box waiting to go on.  Livable at this time.  Generator is 2.5KW ONAN w/electric start.


       Info posted above will be changed as I have time and motivation to add/fix/change this unit.